hey, i'm back on the blogroll!
does this mean that we still get to coffee (and eat chocolates) together? :)

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At 9:25 AM, Blogger Cecilia said...

Chocolates?? Oooh, did I hear you say Chocolates?! I can eat Chocolates with you anytime! :)

At 9:37 AM, Blogger Scott said...

a few sites might interest you, (Not chocolate coated, sorry)

Peace through Liberty,

At 12:48 PM, Blogger dreaming-neko said...

scott: cool sites, man! thanks for dropping by!

cecilia: that's great! should we chocolate (and coffee) in hawaii or europe, love?

At 10:13 PM, Blogger unscathed said...

ok! let's choko!! ;)

At 11:41 PM, Blogger Snowbabies said...

Cool site :-)

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment :-)


At 11:51 PM, Blogger fon said...

Thanks for dropping by on my site and leaving a comment... there's a creative writing link, btw... and a story I just put up.... and I'm trying to get as many people to comment as possible *hint hint*

I think I'm in love with my blog, too, by the way :)

At 12:38 PM, Blogger Roger Vere Youth Worker said...

So what's the decision on the place for chocolate eating???

I'm COMPLETELY in suspense!

I would say 14th February is a good day... Even I might accept it's a cool day if you two met for chocolate!

At 1:27 PM, Blogger dreaming-neko said...

hi sarah :)
i'm completely in suspense too! but she's going through a low-spell right now, and i can't seem to make her smile again. i wish i knew...


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