yes world, i am a raging shopaholic

i am a raging shopaholic. i can't stop spending money (and i don't have much money to spend). if i'm not eating, drinking, or traveling. i will be buying stuff. books, dvds, cds, clothes and electronics are my usual vice. being asian, i am a sucker for brand names. i like nice stuff. but don't confuse shopaholics with materialists. i know what is important: people are important. i just like to shop. an ultra-consumer with a fathomless desire. where is my soul...? in january, i bought 4 pairs of lucky jeans $200 total (all 50% off). in february, i took a stranger to maui (shop break). in march, i bought 3 french connection shirts $215 total (in miami). i need help... any remedies?

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