new year, new scent

last year, i smelled like this:
chanel allure sport

a fresh scent in a metallic bottle created by jacques polges, inspired by chanel's j12 watch.

this year i smell like this:
john varvatos

the first thing Basenotes noticed about this scent is the distinguished looking bottle it comes in: inspired by "masculinity, luxury and the texture of the varvatos' fashion collection" -- a mix of smoked glass and leather. the scent itself was created by quest international on behalf of zirh / shiseido using varvatos' ideas. it's notes are familiar (leather, herbs) and unique (medjool, indian tamarind tree leaves, eaglewood, auramber --- all never used before in perfumery)

boy, i feel more sophisticated aready! i'm ready for you 2005!

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