bad news about the percentages

i went to the gym again earlier today before my nap. that makes 3 gym days in a row! yay! on the way home, i stopped by the trainer's office to ask about the body-fat index chart posted on the wall. the percentages seem kinda high from the previous charts that i saw. he told me that this was a 4-site pinch test chart that was used for "average" gym-goers (aka fat people) vs the regular index chart that are used for atheletes! the regular 3-point pinch test is 7% less than this listed chart! that means that "very lean" is really below 11% and "lean" is really 12-18%. that makes my 21.5% yesterday much worst at "average" on the 3-point chart.

so this brings up an interesting dilema:
-am i a lean-fat person? (according to the 4-site chart)
-am i a fat-lean person? (according to the 3-point chart)

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