no more skinny puppy

i was always a skinny puppy growing up. in high school i was on the varsity wrestling team starting at a meager 112 lbs at 8% bodyfat. i moved up to 119 and eventually 125 lbs my senior year. in college i gained like another 20 pounds on top of that and my weight stayed pretty stable at 140 lbs. i graduated UH in 1999 and started working fulltime from january. i also signed up for 24hr fitness that year to bulk up a bit. it took a while... but i had a hard time gaining weight. i was 140 lbs with 12% bodyfat for a long time. then i hit 27-28 years old and it went downhill from there. i probably packed on a good 25 lbs of fat! i like the bulk, but i was deceiving myself into thinking that i gained 25 lbs of lean muscle. i peaked at 167 lbs last december with the many holiday indulgences. but yesterday, i got a wake-up call. i finally got a new bodyfat test at the gym:

height: 5' 7
weight: 163 lbs
bodyfat: 21.5%

21.5%! i was around 18% last november! it's not good being in the 20's. 18-22% bodyfat is considered lean for my age group. but i am getting way to close to the line! my roommate is a fitness fanatic, and while he only weighs 130, he's rocking at 7% bodyfat or so. the man lives a hard life of protein shakes, boneless/skinless chicken, and no carbs. but this man has so many bricks he doesn't know wht to do with them. maybe he should build a house or something. i kinda have 4 upper abs left (when i suck in my stomach). they are covered by a soft blanket of fat and my lower abs have been on vacation (i haven't seen them in a while). i am hitting my weight lifting goals: bench 2 plates, squat 2 plates, curl 90-100 lbs, wide-grip pullups, and sitting at the right weight, but i am getting rather meaty in the middle. i need to get more lean.

so as a resolve: i will reduce my bodyfat back down to 18% by my birthday (june 1). then i will lose another 3% by december and stay at a more sexy 15% for 2006. i want to maintain my weight at 160-165, but i will probably lose a few pounds in the process. 155 lbs will be the lowest that i want to go. it won't be easy (i love food), but i am not giving up the battle just yet! i need to be sexy at age 30 (cause i'm still a single guy). the competition is fierce. the lines are drawn. let's get ready for war! (will update... wish me luck!)

past..... present..... future

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