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a wise man once told me: you know neko, it really takes a true friend to help another person move homes without being grumpy. i think thats kinda true. i had to move like 5 times during my college days in waikiki (my roommates kept on graduating and leaving hawaii). moving can be a hassle and a lot of work. but hey, somedays there's just nothing better to do, so here we are~

so today started with a beautiful girl (of course). a damsel in distress. her roommate was moving to the westcoast and she was moving back to a house in pearlcity. i remember moving all her stuff in here just last year, but this time we're going out of town. and everything must go. it's amazing how much stuff one can accumulate. i guess that's what homes are for: a place for your stuff. she had that tv, 2 big 'ol dressers (weighing 2 tons) , a wooden frame futton bed and lots, lots of clothes. and boxes with more secret stuff. lucky we had that big van. everything fit in 2 vehicles with the aid of 4 muscle-bound helpers (that's us). everything went pretty smoothly with only one casualty: my screaming lower back (we went to the gym earlier this morning for: back-day!). we unloaded everything into her new tiny room. where are you going to put all this stuff? the woman works wonders. gaterade celebrations all around! off to zippy's restaurant and the team is happy.

i know that this is not the most exciting post here, but hey: it's a slow cloudy weekend! :) and the lesson of this post is: a pretty girl can make you do anything! when was your last big move? what adventures did you have?

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