of moochers and flakers

i've fallen into a rut and i can't get out. the bottomless trap pf moochers and flakers. i don't know how i got to this place. i was doing so well... living on top of the world, almost married this past winter. it's a sad, sad road. but i guess we all need a hard lesson sometimes.

a moocher is a person that takes, and takes, and takes. they never seem to give back. it doesn't bother them one bit. they'll bleed you dry: money, heart and soul. a flaker is a person that keeps you hoping: then bails. one can only take so much rejection (and i'm use to alot!). flakers string you on and drop you down. i'm not sure which is worst. both leave me exasperated. there's got to be more to life than this... how much can one man take? darn this slow year...

p.s. three cheers to LW for saving the day (from moochers). thanks, man. you really came through~

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