sydney part 2: harbor cruise

we arrived into sydney at around 9pm on thursday night (4/28) after a tiring 10-hr flight (i actually got first-class!). the crazy cab driver drops us off at the hotel (cab ride AUS $30) and we check into the four seasons hotel (our crew hotel in sydney). it's so strange driving down the left side of the road again. we wandered aimlessly around the streets after dropping off the bags and found a great italian restuarant near the hotel. too weary to explore, we squeezed 4 people into the tiny room with 2 twin beds and the first night was complete.

the next morning we went out for some exotic mcdonalds breakfast (never had that before~) and walked down the circular quay to catch the captain cook sydney harbor explorer cruise (AUS $22 industry rates). up on the top deck of the boat, we started out at circular quay and cruised passed the opera house to watson bay and circled back to taronga zoo before jumping off at darling harbor. the views were quite grand. the harbor is so expansive. it was such a nice day for the one hour plus boat tour. the weather was great and the ride was very relaxing. a good start. so far so good~

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