muay thai update: week 3

so 3 weeks and 6 classes of muay thai have gone by. my how time flies when your having fun. i really look forward to the classes these days. it keeps me going. i got 2 ugly pairs of muay thai shorts, some hand-wraps and my very first pair of cheap sparring gloves. i must say that the classes are getting a bit better~ i still remember dying on the first lesson. i'm pretty much able to get through the drills now, but there is room for much improvement. injury status: two sore wrists, two sore feet, blisters on toes, a small scar on the foot, bruises on the arms, sore left shoulder, but no broken bones or concussions (a great start!). in any case, cutting down on the rice (carbs) has kept my stomach mostly flat (except for the spare tire in the lower abs!). i promise to commit at least 6 months to this. the last hurrah. this is pretty much my last chance at bringing back the six-pack stomach. wish me luck.

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