happy birthday, AM!

happy belated birthday, AM! another year, another birthday dinner. this time we threw the party at cal beach rock 'n roll sushi on a monday night against the birthday-boy's wishes and recommendations. 12 fun well-wishers came out last night to celebrate mr AM's 31st birthday. a pretty rowdy crowd (especially with RH in the mix!). it was great seeing rie again too. though we'll definitely have to pass on that unfiltered-sake next time! there's so many birthday celebrations in june... the world is full of gemini's, i guess. have a great year, man~

and speaking of birthdays: my 30th celebrations never seem to end this month. the office birthday balloons are still flying high and my cards are still on the bookshelf at home. last friday's cal beach outting with SG and RD should be my last celebration, but i still need to drink with KN after she flies back from japan. oh well... it's a tough life... cheers!

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