kung fu - the legend continues...

first there was grandmaster sam. the father of kung fu. in his golden days, there was no man that could out kung fu him. he set the rules and paved the path for many of his followers. sam was a true grandmaster. his technique was flawless, and his will was firm. nothing fazed him. as he retired his grandmaster ranks to time and other commitments, master rudy emerges to fill the void.

master rudy is the humble kung fu master. he refuses to accept the grandmaster title, even though his skills are without bounds. his performances are rare, but always amazing. a man of great range and versatility. he shows us a world without limits. moving back to texas, he leaves his practice behind for the next generation...

and the next generation is here: neko - the grandmaster-in-training. with a good track record and six-months of pure commitment to the arts, neko is next in line for the grandmaster title. through his passion, desire and commitment, neko is writing the next page in kung fu history. will he be up to this enormous challenge full of tradition and honor? only time will tell. wish him luck :)

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