airport pickups, old pics and souvenirs

there's just something so exciting about picking up a loved-one at the airport (especially if it's an international flight). i can see my dad pacing back and forth. it's been about 6 weeks now since my mom and neice flew down to bangkok. while my dad is the foundation of the family, i must admit that my mom is our heart and soul. the tension builds as we wait for those familiar faces to walk past the secured custom doors of the international arrivals area. there's so much love and excitement in the air. a hug here. a kiss there. smiles all around. a familiar smile emerges from the sliding glass door (with a new short haircut too)~ welcome back!

at home my mom brought back alot of old and new photos from bangkok: childhood pics of my neice and me, some pics of my brother who had passed away, our cousins and relatives, some pics of their trip to my cousin's farm in ayuthaya. my mom was so beautiful in her younger photos. a good looking skinny dad too. man, everybody is getting so old now! our family has come quite a long ways~ i'm bless to be here with them. i love you guys. in any case, in the pics above are photos of my cousin's farm (they grow jackfruit, lychee, and other exotic thai fruits), the cozy cabin, and some temple pics.

i asked my mom to bring back only two things for me from thailand. first, i asked for new muay thai trunks to replace those ugly tiger trunks that i wore (i have some nicer red-bull action trunks now), and secondly, i asked for a plastic takraw ball. this ball is used for basic juggling or played in a team volley-ball like sport over a net. it's pretty exotic here in the west. i'm pretty proud of it. this may be the only authentic takraw ball on the island folks! it's solidly hard when it's new. now if i could only find someone insane enough to play with me...

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