monday updates

hey it's monday again! another week has flown by... and i've been lagging on my posts again. it's been 6 months of (almost) daily posting. it's like a part-time job. maybe i should look for something a bit more productive. but can anything be as rewarding?

last week was a busy productive week. we did the final july awards, i updated the f/a schedules, i read 2 books (good debt, bad debt & freakonomics), had LW coffee breaks, i went to muay thai class, we celebrated a AM's birthday, i set up my quicken finances, i had coffee with SG on saturday, i initiated my bill consolidation loan, i went to the gym, i went to the beach, i visited dad, i saw a HIFF film: marathon, i saw the HIFF girl (she's so beautiful), i cleaned up my room (a bit), i had a good chat with CY.

but i didn't get to go coffeetalk and i didn't get to blog much. oh well... there's always room for progress! have a great new week, folks :)

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