eating-neko: stage deli

if you could put heaven between two pieces of bread, you would have made a pastrami sandwich from stage deli. this new york style deli located in the cesar forum shops is truly ' love ' in the form of a sandwich with pickles on the side. the pinnacle of any vegas trip. it's like going to kaui to eat hamura's saimin. another part of tradition. at the deli, i started with an excellent bowl of sweet and sour cabbage soup (pictured top left) followed by the pastrami sandwich. a beautiful creation that consists of bread, mayo, pastrami, pastrami, pastrami, mayo, and bread. sweet simplicity. i actually traded a half pastrami for a piece of KO's monster triple decker sandwich (bottom left in the picture) but was quite disappointed (nothing compares to pastrami). fortunately, AM's dad saved the day with an extra half pastrami, so i ate 1 1/2 sandwiches in total. yum. our vegas trip is complete. i can actually feel ' love ' again. cheers~

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