las vegas in 27 hours

doing las vegas in 27 hours is not an amazing feat. but doing las vegas in 27 hours when you live in hawaii is a bit more exciting (it involves very little sleep and lots of caffeine). i flew up on monday night and arrived tuesday morning to only fly back on wednesday morning. a special thanks to good friends ST, KO, and AM for making it fun and possible. here's the recap:

ST does an airport pickup and takes us to the california hotel and casino downtown. we head out to starbucks for caffeine boost #1. we walked back to the room to check up on sleeping KO. he's still out so we head out to fry's electronics and sit down to some red bull there (= caffeine boost #2). ST slept only 2 1/2 hours last night and i slept only 3 hours on the plane before. it was hard staying up. we next meet up with AM and company and head out to the aladdin's desert passage shops. we souvenir shopped at bath&body works, fcuk, and l'occitane. we then sat down at coffee bean and tea leaf for caffeine boost #3. we then drove to cesar's palace for the forum shops. first stop: stage deli for lunch (more on this later). a few more shopping stops and back to the hotel. back at the room, ST realizes that he needs to pick up more bath&body stuff so we drive back to the aladdin shops. a quick stop and we're back at the room. it's about 6pm now.

KO is feeling kinda restless and we walked down to the starbucks again for caffeine boost #4. i watched the fremont light show at 8pm and we meet AM again to enjoy a $6.99 prime rib dinner at the 777 restaurant (in main street hotel and casino). by 9pm it was time to get down to business at the crap tables, roulete tables, megabucks machines and poker machines. at about 3am we stop for a late late night snack at the 777 again. i drink a big coke = caffeine boost #5. at 5am KO is finally done gambling. we head up to the room for a 2 hour nap and drive out to the airport by 7am. here we have some burger king with coffee = caffeine boost #6. by 10am we make the stand-by flight for home sweet home... (and some much needed sleep!).

it was a great trip. everyone was pretty much a winner; minus some gambling losses here and there (i was down about $100 in 7 hours of gambling~ not too bad). thanks guys. let's do it again sometime~

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