waiting / escape dream

1. am hanging out in a hotel lobby waiting for to enter this big hotel room for some sort of party, but LC does not call. i can see people start to go inside the party room but i'm still waiting for the girl to come. should we stop waiting and just go inside too?

2. am now trying to on a small island beach with a partner (not sure who). we are in a rush and are trying to escape this place (like some sort of adventure game). we are not sure which way to go. we make our way to a small wooden dock. we realize that we have to swim to the next island to escape, so we jumped in the water and started swimming. ' this is easy, ' i think to myself. but suddenly we see other swimmers heading our way. they are in a panic! a huge crocodile is chasing them in the water! we hurry back to the dock out of the water. we need to get to the other island. i look around for some sort of a piece of wood to fight the crocodile. maybe i can pry it's mouth open with this and swim pass safely. is that the solution to this riddle? WAKE.

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