i got 70~

an interesting (myspace) tag from sweet lisa of hawaii time. she had 61 x's on her answers. so did i win here with 70? :)

(x) I have a cell phone.
() I am an only child.
(x) I have smoked a cigarette before.
(x) I have done drugs. (pot a few times a long while ago)
() I smoke
(x) I have been drunk before.
() I am an alcoholic.
(x) I love cold weather (for sleeping)
(x) I cannot live without the computer.
() I have shot a gun before.
(x) I can not live without music.
() I have no tolerance for ignorant people.
(x) I have ridden on a motorcycle before.
(x) I will be in this town forever. (let's hope)
(x) I have been to 5 other countries.
(x) I get annoyed easily. (lately)
(x) I eventually want kids. (i guess)
() I have neat handwriting.
(x) I have more than a few horrible memories
(x) I am addicted to chocolate. (actually addicted to people that are addicted to chocolate- does that count?)
(x) I have a sibling/siblings.
(x) My parents are strict.
(x) I love airplane rides.
(x) I love taking pictures.
(x) I hate people who are fake.
(x) I can be mean when I want to be.
(x) My parents care about my grades.
(x) I am easy to talk to.
(x) I hate when people are late. (2 rules for me: be on time and be there)
(x) I procrastinate. (majorly)
() I love springtime.
() I have too many clothes for my closet/dresser.
(x) I love to sleep.
(x) I wish I were smarter. (einstien smarter)
() I am afraid of flying.
(x) I hate drama. (some people just love to be complicated)
() I bite my nails.
(x) I have been on a 7 hour car ride or longer. (a bus)
() I never fight with my parents.
() I love the beach.
(x) I have had the chicken pox.
() I have had pneumonia.
() I have gone out in public in my pajamas.
() I can not control my emotions.
(x) I have a best friend.
(x) I have moved more than once. (3 countries, 4 cities)
(x) I truly love my friends.
(x) I love to write.
() I have broken a bone.
(x) I love my computer. (lulu my faithful notebook)
(x) I am a happy person
(x) I love to dance. (with good company)
(x)I love to sing. (big time car-aoke!)
(x) I love to act crazy and be funny. (somebody has to be the monkey)
(x) I love cleaning my room (clean room = clean head)
(x) I tend to get jealous very easily (about a loved one)
(x) I like night better than day (i stay up late)
(x)I have been on the phone for over 5 hours at a time
(x) I don't like to study for tests.
(x) I am too forgiving.
(x) I have horrible sense in direction.
(x) I own an odd pet (snakes, insects, etc) - a scorpion before
() I miss elementary school.
() My eye color changes.
(x) I become stressed easily. (love group harmony)
(x) I hate liars.
() I can play the piano
() I love to play in the rain.
(x) I love my family.
(x) I hate needles.
(x) I'm afraid of snakes (if i happen to bump into one)
() I am a perfectionist.
(x) I've always wanted to learn to play the guitar or drums. (took classes but got lazy)
(x) I hate the feeling of failure.
(x) I have friends in other countries.
()I know how to cook
(x) i can speak another language
(x) At times, I can be very selfish.
(x) At times, I still act like a little kid.
()i have allergies
() I love little kids
(x) I love to read
() I wish I was more motivated for school.
(x) I like getting stuff in the mail
(x) I have problems with letting go of old feelings/memories. (living in the past)
(x) I hate being alone.
(x) I love myself (a bit)
(x) I like summer. (longer days after work)
(x) I like weekends.
(x) I can type with one hand. (no comment)
(x) I can swim. (not great)
() I go to church
(x) I sing in the shower. (i have mini-concerts there)
()I have never been camping.
() I hate cheerleaders
() I usually get what I want
(x) I have been on stage before. (backup jazz dancer - miss thailand world 1991)
(x) I love roller coasters.
(x) I am close with my parents...

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