a party and a secret dream

1. i dreamed that i am hanging out with KO. we visit his new condo which seems to be in ward center. it's a really nice place. we walk out of the condo and join a dinner party at ryans grill? there were many strange and nasty people at the party. who are these people? i leave the table to see CY.

2. i am in the car with CY now. i seem to be driving on the right side though, cause i am turning left to talk to her. she seems distant and far away. i try to talk to her but she is sad and cold. we drive up to a dead-end road. at the end of the dead-end road is a park. i wanted to park the car at the park and give hug her. maybe i can warm her up again. before we reach the park, she turns to me and says: 'i have to tell you a secret, neko. i've been helping out at the wedding school and i met someone new. i'm sorry...' my heart sinks. even before she says the second sentence i knew what she was going to say. it was bound to happen. i am sad... WAKE.

so many dreams these days. my head and heart must still be in a spin. vegas was only a passing escape. i had this vivid dream during my late afternoon nap. it was all so clear... from freud's dream interpretations, i've read that all dreams stand on 3 legs: 1. a desire 2. a past memory and 3. a current stimulus. the dream manifest hides the true dream content with symbols, transference, etc. my dreams are pretty straight forward, though. i just tend to mix-up the people a bit. darn it, freud! oh well, at least they make for some interesting posts~

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