the submarine pyramid knot dream

1. i am working on atlantis submarines. the water currents 100ft under were especially rough today, and the sub was rolling violently in the water. all the tourists were nervous and i was started to get nervous too. the sub rocks and the lights flicker. we need to get to the surface soon. can we make it? yes we do. we reach the surface and a tug tows us to the dock. everyone is releived.

2. i'm walking around a big old resort hotel of some kind now. i need to get back to the sub. a crazy old dog is chasing me through the resort. the hotel turns into a pyramid with a maze of passages and tunnels. i frantically look for an exit out of the pyramid. i need to get to this specific room on the upper levels. i find a small hatch that leads to an exit.

3. outside the pyramid now i see SG and CY sitting at a small coffee shop. i join them and ask for a favor. i need to tie this little rope into a strange knot handle. i was suppose to give the rope-handle to CY. SG assists with the task. i ask him to hurry cause that crazy dog is still chasing me. will i solve the puzzle? will the dog catch me? will i give CY the rope? WAKE.

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