a new diet

my last bodyfat test (in the beginning of june) had me back at 21% bodyfat again (and 163 lbs body weight)! darn~ i thought i was making some progress here. got to push harder~ so over the past month i've been practicing my new diet. i call it: starving. well, actually, it's not that bad... snack bars for breakfast, heavy work lunch (chinese or plate-lunches with half rice), and a salad/saimin/or cereal for dinner (yeah, dinner kinda sucks). add alot of fluids and vitamins. i feel a bit thinner. i think i look a bit thinner. but the gym workouts have been kinda weak lately. i might need to take some whey protien shakes to the mix. will update~

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At 2:11 PM, Blogger kathy said...

Hi neko
I can understand this post very much! but 163 doesn't sound fat to me. sounds like a normal weight. I just love to eat...its one of the pleasures of life for me. at my age your matabolism slows down and the fat shows up around your middle...and for us women we get fat butts! Grrrrrr! i hate that! I have to eat stuff without fat and sugar...when i really crave sugar i now eat cocoa pebbles or chocolate rice krispies (i love chocolate)and its only 120 calories for a cup! not bad! i get my suger and eat it too.

At 5:57 PM, Blogger dreaming-neko said...

hi katt :)
cereal definitely makes a great meal for breakfast, luncha nd dinner!


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