CY travel walk dream

i dreamed that i was on vacation with CY somewhere along the westcoast. we were walking around the city sightseeing. my parents were also visiting the city, but we all flew up seperately. i realized that i needed to fly back before the others and started getting ready for the trip that night. i had to pack up and pick up my dry-cleaned slacks from the lobby near the restaurant. after all the preparation, i took a last walk with CY before i had to leave. i asked her what her plans were: she says that she will go sightseeing for one more day and fly out tomorrow. we started walking in some sort of tourist attraction that had small replicas of little villages from over the world. we were walking by a windmill village (representing netherlands) when i bumped into my mom there. i took out my camera and took a photo of her near the windmills. we waved to her and continued our last walk. WAKE.

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