spending addict part 2

i thought my last spending spree was over, but it was just the tip of the iceberg. the ball is rolling and i had another big week with drinks and outtings. if not this then that. oh well, here's the damage:

monday - e&o trading company drinks and a movie $70
tuesday - CH's birthday at oceans drinks $80
wednesday - laundry night
thursday - dunhill fresh cologne from sephora $47, movie $17
friday - circuit city dvds $21
saturday - protein powder from designer body $40, tower dvd/cd $32, borders cd $16, calvin klein chinos $27
sunday - visit parents

going out drinking on the weekdays is dangerous. weekend dvd shopping is contagious. i gained back my 3 pounds from the vegas trip. i only had one gym/class day this week. i plan to have a low spending, slow drinking, high gym/class week next week. no quick rewards without hard work. wish me luck :(

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