the red party at ala moana

party-neko strikes again! i attended the grand 'red party' (courtesy of AO) at ala moana shopping center last night with LC. two floors of high-end fashion was showcased with live music (deshannon higa, a salsa band, live dj) and food/drinks from honolulu's top restuarants (kai, diamondhead grill, brewmoon, grey goose bar, sbaros!, yummys!). it was quite a large crowd and the food lines were long (not as cozy as the armani party). we sampled buffalo, papaya salad, lamb, virgin wine, pizza, lots of cosmos, and much more. the mini-bars ran out of alcohol by 9:30 so we walked over to the mai tai bar again for more drinks. no sexy red-heads or drunk filipinas last night though :(

til the next party~ cheers!

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