shopping and family dream

i dreamed that i was shopping in a packed crowded 3 story mall in thailand (or japan?). i was picking up many souvenir t-shirts for many people. one here, one there... there were so many! I couldn't decide. i then went to visit my family. my brother (who had passed away many years ago) was there. my niece was there too, but i think they were arguing cause they both went back to their rooms and locked the door. i tried to step in and reconcile the dispute, but it didn't help much. i went back downstairs to chat with my mom. she wondered if i could help her with $800 per month for home expenses because she wanted to go to the temple and be a nun for a year. i wanted to be a temple monk too, i thought to myself. i was kinda surprised by the request, and did not know what to say. WAKE.

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