HIFF 2006 summary

it's been another fun, busy HIFF festival: i finished the week with 11 films! a new record (including 3 films in one long day)! a special thanks to AK, KN and LC for your movie-time and passes. i had such a great movie-week here with you... i hope you had fun too. 5 more months until the spring festival!

movies in brief:
kamikaze girls really grew on me (my most favorite movie). i loved the main character (momoko) and the wacky storytelling cause: 'people are always cowards when it comes to their pursuit of happiness...' / shutter was spooky fun. while it wasn't new in the asian horror genre, it was definitely a fun ride (and made for a good nightmare). / sad movie was a great surprise (my second favorite movie) and my first film ever with LC. four heart-warming love stories gone sad. go see it. / wayward cloud was another (bad) surprise. i thought it was a weird, artsy, love story flick, but it turned out to be a chinese softcore porn... sorry KN :( / tre was an interesting dark film made by a local director. it's a work in progress that definitely gets under your skin. is 10 seconds the test of infidelity? / funky forest is beyond words. a collection of many fun, strange, short stories with a funky beat... be ready for side b, folks! / dumplings was another dark film that's not for the squeemish. fetus dim sum anyone? / crying fist was a small downer. it was trying, but i was expecting a little more... / initial d was a fun kiddie-movie based on a drift-driving manga. / neighbor no. 13 was ok. good concept and promise, but i think we had more fun at shutter... / bittersweet life has style to burn (my 3rd favorite film). a cool action packed story of revenge and love with gangsters and a great anti-hero. another must see! / i did miss the glamorous life of sachiko hanai and karaoke terror on my original list though... oh well...

that's about it~ now go out there and watch some movies!

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