football bonding 2: UH 49 - NMS 28

i took my 77 year old dad to aloha stadium to watch UH football last saturday. it was his first trip out to aloha stadium. we got there extra extra early to avoid the parking traffic rush from the homecoming tail-gaters. we're here for the university of hawaii warriors game versus visiting new mexico state aggies. mac-nuts, beer, angus hamburgers, super nachos... i think we're ready! we were seated in the nose-bleed brown section which offered a great tv-like view of the game (but you couldn't see the numbers on the jerseys from here~ watch out for those stairs!). it was a fun game nonetheless, with lots of offense action for both teams. in the end, the home team remains on top and the crowd goes wild: UH 49 - NMS 28. we beat the spread! go team!

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