maui whale watch

i went whale watching in maui with CY last week (she is visiting for her 7th honolulu marathon race). yes, maui part 3 (feb, may and dec 2005). i'm getting pretty good at haleakala, but i still need to work on that hana drive thing (haven't made it once yet). on this short trip, we went on a whale watching cruise with the pacific whale foundation, a non-profit eco-tourism company located at maalaea harbor. it was quite early in the whale season which officially starts on december 16th so there was no whale sighting guarantee, but there have been a few sightings during the week (it was a whale-searching tour). the weather was beautiful and the waters were quite calm. after 2 mai tais on the boat, we saw dolphins swimming by. accompanying the dolphins were 2 young humpback whales that came to play. they were pretty amazing. trying to capture that flipper-shot in the water was another challenge. we definitely needed a faster camera with more zoom! in the end, i managed to capture a few tail-shots after much running around (with alittle luck).

for more whale watching pics: click here!

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