2 close calls & a not-so-close call

-close call 1
a 7-inch centipede tried to attack me last week. i was sitting in my bedroom watching tv in a pair of boxers at the time . it crawled into the room out of nowhere and snuck behind the television. i was in a panic! i didn't have anything to squoosh it with. i threw the tv remote at it, but the remote bounced off the carpet and hit the wall exploding into a million pieces. it's hard to squoosh something with the carpet here. centipedes are extremely hardy. as it made its way out from behind the tv moving towards my futon, i grabbed a new roll of 100 dvd-r's and put it on top of the creature. i jumped on it a few times for good measure. it's still under the roll now as we speak. whew~ that was a close call.

-close call 2
we drove out to bubbies ice cream shop last night after the sunset-on-the-beach movie (mission impossible 3). as i drove down university, i slowed to make that left turn into puck's alley (yes i had my signal on). as i waited for the cars to passed, i heard a loud thump! i looked back and saw 2 cars behind me (a CRV and a SUV). we didn't feel anything, but after we took the left, i pulled to the curb and inspected the car. nothing. as i parked the car for bubbies, i saw the two other cars across the street. it appears that the SUV two-cars behind me was trying to pass into the other lane and clipped the corner of the CRV's bumper. there was a big dent there. i breathed a sigh of relief. man... another close call.

-a not-so-close call
so i was leaving the waikiki condo last night to go to bubbies, when this seabring pulls into the tight parking lot next to me and i couldn't get out. i tried to reverse a bit, but ended up curbing my rear-passenger-side rim on this small block on the curb. darn you, curb! you always get that horrible sinking feeling when you hear that scraping sound. i had previously curbed the front-passenger rim a year prior so i'm familiar with it. now i have two on the same side... yay! well, upon inspection, i discovered that they had rotated my tires in the last servicing and i had actually scraped the same spot from last year! a miracle! i can live with one ugly wheel, i guess. a not-so-close call, with a happy ending.

-thanks for reading my long-winded rants!

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