the official list 2006

i seem to have alot of different 'lists' floating around these days~ my travel list, my to do list, my wish list, my eat/drink list, my naughty neko list, and the official friendship list from 2004. we're falling behind, fellas! 2 years and only 2 things completed! here's a simplified, updated list for 2006:

  1. north shore drive: completed 2005!
  2. 24-hr fitness gym (at any location!)
  3. makapuu lighthouse (cross this off the list?)
  4. interisland trip (maui, big island, kaui?)
  5. mainland trip: (los angeles completed pre-list)
  6. sydney: completed 05/2005!
  7. waikiki beach stroll (the easiest one for this year)
  8. movie (cross this off the list?)
  9. national park (cross this off the list?)
i still have the original list-paper in my organizer. it's got 4 signatures on it (you know the rules). let's check something off in 2006~

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