the tall-guy dream

i dreamed that i was playing basketball with MT in an old school somewhere. she was not too interested in the game and was being quite sassy. a 7-foot guy suddenly entered the court from no-where and started chasing us around. MT runs and hides in a bathrooth stall. And the tall-guy gets in there with her. i run to her aid and try to break down the locked door... i punch and kick the stall door with all my might but it didn't budge. all i saw were legs under the door. i punched the door one last time with all my energy and it swung open to reveal the tall-guy in his boxers with his pants half-down his legs and MT looking all bitchy at me. i thought you wanted me to save you, love! i head-butt the tall-dude and MT storms out all grumpy-face... WAKE.

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