niagara falls tour

looking up from the 'maid of the mist'

well, i didn't get to tour toronto. we were stuck in the quiet town of waterloo for most of the trip, but on the last day of classes, we got to visit niagara falls with thanks to debbie (our trainer/driver/guide). the falls are about a 2-hour drive away from our waterloo hotel, so we really appreciated the tour. the place was packed with countless visitors from all over the world. the skies were grey and heavy with clouds and mist. we parked the cars in a near-by casino and walked down the hill to the promenade. the sight of the falls is breath-taking. to the left, the american falls with its rocky bottom. to the right, the massive horseshoe, canadian falls. from above we could see the 'maid of the mist' boats touring the waters below. we walked down the busy promenade to the top of the canadian falls and eventually made our way onto the 'maid of the mist' tour. they packed the boat with a hundred-plus smurf-like people in blue rain-poncho's. it's going to be a wet and windy ride! i was one of the few people to risk their cameras in the heavy mist and falling waters. we got drenched passing the two falls, but the wall of water was quite a sight~ an amazing experience. after the falls, we had dinner at the hard-rock cafe and walked up the carnival-like clifton hills on our way back to the car. we caught one last glimpse of the lit falls at night before we left. it was a good day.

check-out more flickr pics here: niagara falls

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