two-part CY dream

1. i dreamed that i was living in a condo with CY but they were demolishing the building. we decided to stay in the room together for one more night even as the building was dangerously shaking and leaning to one side. it was a rough night. when we woke up, the building was leaning so far right that our window was almost parallel to the ground. people outside had to help us out before it all fell down. we tried to salvage some valuables with us, but all i had were crates of dvds. we got out safely just before the building collapsed into a pile of rubble. it was a close call... WAKE!

2. i was out drinking and playing pool with CY and a bunch of airline people. a guy kept on hitting on CY and she was flirting back with him for some reason. i tried to ignore the situation and chat with LW. but she sat there across from me holding the fella's hand. i gave her a look, but she wouldn't let go. she was just taunting me. i got up and walked over to a pool table and flipped it over in anger with one big lifting move (like the incredible hulk). that broke-up the situation real fast. i walked out of the room with her... what were you thinking, babe? WAKE!

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