bangkok 2007 - grand palace & wat po

no bangkok trip is complete without a visit to the bangkok grand palace. located in the heart of the city, the grand palace is a compound of dazzling, ornate structures and the home of the emerald buddha temple. it was quite a busy monday at the palace. crowds of visitors lined-up to tour the complex. we sneaked NANE into the attraction with a yellow polo shirt (commemorating the king's 60th year reign) making her automatically 'thai.' after exploring the palace, we caught a cab to the nearby wat pho famous for it's reclining gold buddha (45 meters long) and the wat po thai traditional massage school where we had a 45-minute full-body massage. wow... what magic hands, babe! ...and the massage school people were pretty good too :)

that evening, we went to watch some authentic muay thai at the popular ratchadamnoen boxing stadium and ate some famous lad na noodles in the banglampoo area. life is good.

for more pics check out: grand palace & wat po @ flickr

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