girls, friends, and work

i dreamed that i was out walking down the street one day when i bumped into 3 japanese beauties who asked me about the clubs in the area. the ladies were all glamm-ed up and ready to show and i was awestruck in their presence. they were just my type. i took the 3 to a coffee shop where we had a great chat about clubs, parties, drinks, etc and i end up taking them home for a small house party. my friends and roommates were there for the fun, but just as things got interesting i got a call to head out for work. damn! bad timing. i head out to work and come back home much later that night. all was quiet at the house so i went to sleep. i wake up early in the morning and got ready for a shower. i walked out of my room with nothing but a towel on and tip-toed to the bathroom. passing a roommate's room i peaked inside and found that he had scored with one of the ladies that i had brought in!. i remember really liking her too. what the nerve! no respect at all. the girl looks up at me with her sleepy eyes, but i zipped into the bathroom in disgust. great, that's just great... WAKE.

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