easter service

i am * gasp * not a christian. being born in bangkok, i relate mostly with buddhism. it forms a strong part of my world-view, but i tend to be more spiritual than religious overall. being exposed to buddhism, hinduism, islam, christianity, and even sai baba in different countries, i think it's good to be open-minded. so this sunday, i was invited to church by my roommate for my one annual service: easter service. this is my 3rd (or is it 4th?) year. i always appreciate the sermons at new hope. they have a great pastor. the theme this year was: can you hear me now? -hearing God's voice. this is the summary:

why is it so important to hear God?

1. shows that i am growing as a part of his family.
2. warns me of impending dangers.
3. it's a key to a productive life.
4. the key to future instructions.

happy easter, everyone!

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