sydney part 3: darling harbor + aquarium

we jumped off the boat at darling harbor: a scenic promenade full of waterfront shops, cafes, and restaurants filled the harbor. the maritime museum, an imax theater, the sydney aquarium, cockle bay wharf and the harborside plaza filled this busy area with crowds and high energy. i was pretty close to buying a hand carved club-boomerang at one of the shops there, but it was a whopping AUS $75. we grabbed a quick lunch in the food court and crossed the bridge to the sydney aquarium (AUS $19 industry rate). the aquarium was quite large with different exhibits reflecting the diverse australian marine life. our favorite stops were the platypus tank, the penguins, and the walk through shark tanks. it was about 4pm when we finished exploring the aquarium. one more coffee/dessert at the plaza and we'll head back to the hotel. end of day one~

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