sydney part 4: featherdale wildlife park

on day two we hopped on the train/bus (a 1-hour trip) to featherdale wildlife park (AUS $19 industry rate). while the tarango zoo was 15-minutes away via the ferry, we had to go to featherdale to actually pet the animals. and we weren't disappointed. we saw wombats (they bite), touched koalas, wallabys, kangaroos, and emus. the only animal that was on vacation was the rare tasmanian devil (darn). the kangaroo feeding area was super fun, though a bit scary at first. the critters come right up to you and feed out of your hand (they nibble with teeth a bit) and you just can't get enough of those koalas: they are too cute. at 3pm we jumped on the bus/train back.

we got off at downtown and walked over to paddy's market for a late lunch and more souvnenir shopping. we were in the heart of sydney's large chinatown. after paddy's we trekked down george street to find the coveted woolworth's for timtams and fcuk for my shirt (they don't have fcuk in hawaii). one more stop at the liquorice shop and we're home free. day two coming to a close.

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