thai boxing: day 1

i just had my first thai kick boxing class here in 5 years and kick boxing is kicking my butt. i started to sweat and get cramps during the stretch and warm-up session. i couldn't jump rope for 5 minutes. it was a sad day for the neko. the class was held at the waikiki community center's 'team island thunder muay thai kick-boxing center' lead by andr'e washington (6' 210 lbs of mean lean ass-kicking muscle).

i first dropped by there 5 years ago for a visit (even andr'e remembers!). i was 145 lbs then and 5 years younger. i gained over 20 lbs since that time and i'm hitting 30 in june. i stuck with the pad workout instead of the sparring workout on the first day (whew!). on the plus side: my form was still there. the mind was willing, but the body was weak (my stamina was zero). that macho-chick can do 20 consecutive kicks harder than me! i had to stop for many breathers and my left arm was jello (my shoulder screams for mercy). i pulled a groin, a left-shoulder and a left-calf muscle during the workout but kept on going. it's definitely a bengay night, tonight!

i can't wait to do this again on saturday! to be continued...

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