deal & slide dream

1. i dreamed that i was in vegas somewhere. MT was setting up some negotiating deal there. she had won about 5-10k gold chips in a locked vault and she wanted different guys to bid for them. i knew that she had secretly cheated with the gold chips: they were not all there. but the men started bidding like crazy for them anyways. should i bid too? is it worth it?

2. i am now in a strange large square room with a super-waxed floor. the floor is like ice. we slide back and forth and back and forth again on the smooth ice-like waxed floor. i remember chasing a really friendly dog on the floor. i am trying to pet the dog and play with it, but it keeps on slipping and sliding away. it is not too friendly, but i don't give up too easily. lost in my own pointless obsessions. WAKE.

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