dreaming-neko: all filler?

i must apologize for the frivilous nature of all these posts lately (especially to all my new blog friends out there who don't really know me). is dreaming neko all filler, no substance, depth, meaning or feeling? it may be a sign of the times. my room's a mess, my head's a mess. the hole in my heart is soo big that nothing can fill it but YOUR love (and the sad thing is that YOU won't even be reading this here). in anycase, i apologize to you all, and promise you a neko-future with more depth and meaning. in the meantime... 2 thoughts:

1. i just spent $38 dollars on a tank of gas today! $38 for a full honda! it's so close to $40 now. i just paid $28 last year when i got my car. that's over a 35% increase in less than 2 years. it's kinda scary...

2. my new moneyclip has a single card slot that can fit only 3 cards max (its a tight fit). if you had to carry only 3 cards with you on a daily basis, what 3 cards would you carry? just being nosy :)

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