a 'too-much-info' post

ok, this is kinda weird and personal, but i went to foodland earlier today and got the new mach 3 razor from gilette. i first wanted to test this badboy on my head, but i uh, don't think i was ready for a full bolo shine, so i decided to uh, shave my chest instead. yes people, i shaved my chest of those fine thin chinese chest hairs that had sprouted from nowhere over the past years. i am not a hairy man, so why do i have patches of thin weed-hairs on my chest and nipples? the razor did a fine job. i feel 5 years younger. a quick and dirty deed. i (repeat) will not be shaving any other body parts for your info. give me a couple of weeks and i should be ready for that kojak look. it's such a strange feeling... i just wanted to get this off my chest (literally). thanks for reading.

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