bedtime posts with lana

it's almost 2am here, but lana keeps me up late... so i think i'll start a new series of random bedtime posts. deep tired thoughts often float out a few minutes before sleeping. so i hope that these posts will lead to some self enlightenment along the way.

in anycase i packed up the old pics today. i brought them to waikele for sorting and reminisce. i was going to post and oldie here or there, but just never got around to it. there were so many photos. it filled up a 30 qt rubbermaid container from daiei. i packed up the old pics (ex and all) and will take them back to a hidden closet at the folks place. i'm taking a friend's advise: hide them well or throw them away...

so did i learn anything going through a thousand old photos of yester years? well for one: i realized that so much has happened in the past 30 years. so many people. so many places. so many things done. and its been all good . but two: i realize that the old pics do belong in old albums in old rubbermaid containers. we need to make room for new pics and new albums.

so maybe i'll rediscover these pics again some day, all old and dusty like lost treasures from the past. i hope to add some new pics to the bunch this time and hide them all again when that time comes... :)


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