spooky 2

thanks for all your spooky stories in the last spooky post! everyone's got a good ghost story out there it seems. i must have told mine a hundred times to a hundred people at a hundred places... so let's do it again...

i was about 11 or 12 years old at the time. we were living back in our bangkok house. i slept on the second floor right next to my parents room. one night, i woke up for no reason very early in the morning. it was still dark out. i tried to get back to sleep, but then i heard the knocking on my bedroom door. who would be knocking at this hour? my fraidy-cat instincts kicked-in and i dove under the sheets. the knocking became a banging: louder, and louder! and closer, and closer: moving from the door, up the wall to the ceiling above me! i trembled and prayed under the blanket. i don't know how long it lasted, but suddenly: silence. i peeked out from under the sheets and saw the sun slowly rising from the corner of the window... the day had come and the noise had gone. i turned on the bed-lamp and started to read. my mom openned the door a few minutes later and asked if i was ok. i guess she had heard the noise too, but i'm not sure why i did not ask her about it. she closed the door and went downstairs. a few minutes later, she came back up (in tears) to tell me that grandma had passed away...

it still gives me chills. she had been sick for a long time and slept in a room on the first floor. my cousin was caring for her that night and fell asleep in the same room. i guess she woke us to say goodbye. thank you grandma. we love you.

i've got a few more stories... (but i'll save them for later). how about you?

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