meet lana!

well, it started like this: after my apple ipod nano post and a productive week at the office, i drove to circuit city on friday to see thenew nano, but they didn't have it. so i drove down to sprint again to torment myself with the palm treo (my 7th visit). the palmone treo 650 was everything that i wanted. she was everything that i needed: a palm PIM (datebook, to do, memos, contacts), phone, camera, video, photo album, game, email, mp3 player, and much more in one cool smartphone! my friends said that i was insane to want her. i had just upgraded my phone recently (from the sanyo 8100 to the 8300), but was quite disappointment. my desire was fathomless. my will was firm. on saturday, i drove out to compusa to check-out the nano again. there it was in all its glory. it was quite beautiful. at $199 for the 2 gb, it was not a bad deal now that it has a color screen with photo capability. a tiny gem. crowds of people swarmed around me as i was testing the product. it was hard to put down, but i knew that it would only be a quick fix. the treo was the true love. i already bought three mp3 players in the past year, and i hardly carry them around. i let go of the nano (it took alot of effort) and drove to sprint next door. i asked if i could hold the new treo in my hand. they brought one out for me and it was a done... i couldn't let her go. i had to take her home (even though i had to pay the * gulp * full fare with her cause i had used up all my phone rebates on the last upgrade). so i took her home and spent the last 2 days of my life with her setting up everything (i've not ate or slept in 2 days). her name is lana. she is smart, beautiful and wild. we'll be everywhere together...

i hope lulu doesn't get jealous! :)

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