eating neko: california beach rock'n roll sushi

(pics courtesy of lana)

last thursday we celebrated AO's second baby news at cal beach rock'n roll sushi on ward ave. CONGRATS, AO! we're going to be uncles again! cal beach is one of our favorite haunts for great sushi, fun atmosphere and reasonable prices. with the new menu changes here, we ordered the sunset platter with 18 pieces and 2 speciality rolls, chicken karaage, and teriyaki steak. we unfortunately fell for the $5 large heineken sale and drank 2 bottles of stinky old beer. but we got to redeem with a large carafe of otokoyama sake to finish the night's celebration. congrats, AO! and thanks ST, for the generosity! it's great to be a part of this family of people. cheers~

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