i heart wednesdays

i heart wednesdays, cause wednesday is new honolulu weekly day. i love this free publication. the stands can be found all over town (especially at starbucks, coffeetalk and other hip places). i live for it. it's more of a lifestyle than just a free paper with interesting movie, food, art, theater, club reviews and a comprehensive 7-day event listing. it's a different way of thinking with alternative voices, comics and commentary. even the ads are cool. ok, i must admit that the honolulu weekly is one of my favorite bathroom readings. it's also a favorite wait-for-someone-at-starbucks reading. i just love to pick it up. i'm going to marry a honolulu weekly reader one day! so if your out on the town on a fine sunny wednesday and happen to walk by one of those bright red stands, just go ahead and pick up that honolulu weekly... it may just be love...

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