all video-ed out

well, i took out the video-jukebox thingy from the left sidebar. it was one of those hit/miss things on the blog page. either you love it or you hate it. i'll summed it up as follows:

-hey, check out my great taste in music!
-adds a multi-media dimension to the page
-express current moods through music selection
-media player looks cool and technical on the site

-i will force you to listen to this music!
(autoplay-stop code only works in IE)
-getting lazy updating videos
-not the same damn song again! (and again... and again...)
-multiple songs playing in multiple open windows

so now the video is gone. i am no longer cool. but in it's place i added some more quick-picks blocks to be updated (space fillers). what are your thoughts on the videos?

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