the where is my duffel dream

i dreamed that i was suppose to go to class with this cute little girl (not sure who) who lived next door and flirted with me all day, but i could not find my duffel bag. it had all my stuff in it. for some reason, i was living on the street in front of this condo with only 2 possessions: my big black duffel bag and a nice grey sweater. the rain started to pour and my sweater got all wet and muddy because it was lying in a big puddle that had formed. i picked up the sweater and placed it on a chair to dry, and proceeded to venture into the building next door to find my bag. it looks like a gym locker room or a big kitchen area here. i asked around but no one knew where it was and the people were giving me a hard time about it. the cute girl is waiting for me outside. i need to go to class. i need to find my bag! what should i do? WAKE.

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