the purple ball dream

I dreamed that I was walking down the street in Bangkok with some friends. We were just shopping and looking for a place to eat. While my friends were checking out some other stores, I walked into a small dark bookstore. There were many books and magazines there lining the walls, but I could not read thai too well. I stepped out and caught up with my friends. For some reason I was caryying this big purple inflatable clear beach ball with me on the walk. I tried to bounce the ball but it hit a curb and bounced onto the main road! The wind started blowing the ball away towards the oncoming trafic. I frantically chased after the ball dodging the oncoming headlights. I finally reached the ball and try to wack it towards the sidewalk. Stretching out to grab it with both hands. Yes! Caught it! I walked back to join my friends hugging the ball firmly in my arms. Whew~ that was close! WAKE.

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