eating-neko: young's kal bee

last sunday i went to young's kal bee in aiea (near the bowl alley) with ST after the gym. young's kal bee is a korean bbq restaurant with the best kabli on the island. period. their secret marinade is amazing and the meat jun-kalbi combo is just perfect. first introduced by RO, young's kal bee has become the staple place for kalbi. the meat reminds me of the fresh-market eats that i used to get in bangkok... ahh reminisce. our main dish at young's was the meat jun/kalbi combo. the meat jun is extra-light. when dipped in the sweet sauce, it just melts on your tongue. the shop is a small simple hole-in-the-wall eatery but the service is always warm and personable (the happiest korean lady that we know here). so if your out on the westside and got a craving for bbq: drop on by to young's kal bee... you'll love it.

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